Aluminium Windows & Doors

AluCape Aluminium manufacture and install Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors and are suppliers of the Secura Glide Security Gates.  Please contact us for a free and competitive quotation. Cell: 083 611 5554 or 087 701 5633 or email We serve the greater Cape, Somerset West, Helderberg and Coastal areas. Our products are all manufactured with Crealco from Wispeco or Eagle. Crealco is the best product available in South Africa and manufactured and backed by Wispeco. Wispeco is the largest Aluminium extruder in Africa.

We believe that Quality, Service and Price are the key factors for our success. Aluminium is the ideal medium for windows and doors in South Africa. Especially in Cape Town where you stay close to the coast. But when you have quality Aluminium Windows and Aluminium Doors installed you don’t have to worry about corrosion or maintenance. Aluminium is available in a range of colours like white, charcoal, bronze and anodized. Aluminium are durable and weather resistant

We focus on the highest quality of manufacturing in the Aluminium Industry. We do the smallest to the biggest jobs and serve the home owner as well as the business owner. Our products are competitively priced and quality is of the utmost importance to us. We serve the greater parts of the Western Cape, Helderberg, Boland and Overberg.

One of the biggest benefits of Aluminium Doors & Windows is it’s durability and Low Maintenance. The corrosion resistant qualities of Aluminium Windows & & Doors provide a low maintenance frame and is resistant to weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike many other materials, it will not swell, crack, split or warp over time; ensuring an extended product life.

When combined with energy efficient glass, aluminium windows & doors are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards by providing excellent thermal and sound insulation thus easily outperforming more expensive wood and uPVC counterparts. Aluminium Windows & Doors can easily achieve a significant boost in heat gain and loss through windows by nearly 60%. They are also an environmentally sustainable material with one of the highest recycling rates of any metal.

Aluminium windows & doors are significantly less expensive than wooden frames thus helping provide a great economical alternative for both commercial and private use. Moreover, they are easy to manufacture and the materials are quite affordable thus making it an ideal and cost effective alternative for windows.

Aluminium Doors & Windows come a range of different colours and look very pleasing on the eye. 

Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors Somerset West, Helderberg, Gordonsbay & Cape Town

Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors

Blinds & Shutters

AluCape stock a full range of blinds and Aluminium Shutters

Interior and exterior shutters are probably the most sensible, and not to mention beautiful, window treatment choices for the South African climate. Exquisitely finished, interior shutters protect against the wind and cold and against the sun and heat in summer. Guaranteed to last a long, long time, shutters never date, and aren’t subject to decor whims or fleeting trends. Perfect in any space, from the lounge to the bedroom, shutters are elegant and luxurious and provide just the right amount of light or darkness when needed. Installing shutters throughout your home might just be one of the best investments you will ever make and shutters are guaranteed to add substantial value to any home.